Boats Are Made Mostly Of Fiberglass And Wood That Rots, Unlike Cars That When Junked Can Still Have Some Value Because Of Their Metal.

Dump it at Tanner Park, let the taxpayers pay it its just disgusting, you know, it really is terrible, said boater Audry Buechner. The dump me boat was not the first ghost ship, or the last. Town of Babylon officials said their waters have become a dumping ground abandoned boats sometimes left adrift or tied to buoys in the Great South Bay. They cut out the hull, the cabinet, they take the anchor line, said Babylon Town Deputy Public Safety Commissioner Pat Farrell. latest was a 28-foot Chris-Craft, abandoned at Venetian Shores Park. The boat was stripped of its name, its hull identification number was rubbed off, and anything of value was ripped out. They dump them because theyre junk and theyre not worth anything. Nobody gives gold away for free, Farrell said. These are all garbage that have to be at the taxpayers expense to get disposed of. Boats are made mostly of fiberglass and wood Discover More Here that rots, unlike cars that when junked can still have some value because of their metal. A dozens floating clunkers each year are leaving taxpayers on the hook it costs up to $5,000 each to dispose of them legally.

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